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Protecting your system from threats and accidental loss

Reducing risk

IT Security is essential, for all businesses, to protect data from targeted threats and accidental loss. The loss or theft of your business digital assets, or your IT system going down, can cost exponentially more than reducing risk through smart IT security. Calibre offer a range of IT Security services for individuals, SME’s and large companies.

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Our Services

We can help advice, install and manage your IT Security services, if we can assist you with more information, contact us.

  • Security infrastructure
  • Security issue solutions
  • System auditing
  • Staff training
  • Security and periodical updates

Security with Calibre

Protecting your IT systems not only reduces risk and impact, but means you can focus on building your business. We're happy to help with any advice regarding IT Security services so please get in contact.

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UK Insights

UK companies have suffered breaches (in the last 12 months)


Cisco estimation of SMBs that suffered a security breach globally in 2018


Consumers that stop spending with a business temporarily after a security breach


UK organisations hit by ransomware in the last year


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