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  • Cloud Services

    “Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

    These days cloud services are becoming more and more popular, and in fact is a necessity for many schools and businesses. It aids in remote working through the ability to access and share files from pretty much anywhere, and it also gives added security that files and documents can be backed up elsewhere if anything was to happen to your computer.

    Office 365

    At Calibre we work with Office 365, a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft that brings together familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with business-class email, shared calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing.

    In today’s business you need technology to be available around the clock and across multiple devices to make sure that your business continues to be productive and efficient. Office 365 delivers just that so you can deliver fast, reliable service to your customers. Your data is also automatically held safely in the cloud so in the event of a power outage, fire or theft you know your data is safe.

    Sophos antivirus

    Sophos antivirus works to minimise the threat impact by automatically isolating and removing the malicious software before it has the chance to hit your computer and cause a problem. Thanks to cloud services and automatic incident response you don't have to spend time monitoring your security and anti-virus, Sophos can do all this for you remotely, helping to save you valuable time and money.


    Thanks to cloud based telephony there has been a move away from conventional business telephone equipment and a movement towards telephone switching equipment hosted in remote and secure data centres. Cloud telephony allows those working remotely, or even from home, the same phone functionality they would achieve in the office, and allows calls to be re-routed instantly if you move offices or if something was to happen to your office. 

    If you want to learn more about how cloud services could help your business get in touch and see what we could do for you.